Inktober 2017: Birds

October is the time for Inktober! But to make a draw every day, with a full-time job and the housework, is exhausting for me. So I resolved the best way I could participate was by making small and straightforward drawings.

I have always loved birds, and spotting them in the country always makes me happy, so it seemed like a good theme. I started by drawing in an old sketchbook my favorite bird, a great tit (in Spanish, the name is carbonero), in a humorous cartoon style, with technical pens and colored pencils. After that, I only had to continue! I decided only to draw birds that could be found in Spain, birds that could be easy for me to see someday. And I love the names of some of them in Spanish!

It was easy to make these lovely little drawings, but still, it is hard to draw every day! I think some of the drawings are better than others, but still, I think it was a good exercise!

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