Croissant Taiyaki – A breakfast in Tokyo

Lately, I have seen many 3D artists making beautiful food models, so I thought I could do my models too! But I wanted to model something real, with significance to me, not a plain good-looking model. I had to do it! I reviewed some of my photographs looking for inspiration, and I found what I wanted, checking some I made in Tokyo. It was a croissant taiyaki with a matcha latte for breakfast! The taiyaki was a funny and lovely treat, and the color mixture of the golden orange dough and green tea was gorgeous. Also, there were plenty of textures for the contrast.

Sincerely, I had a great time with this model! I created it with Blender because I wanted to make it fast. I also wanted a good performance, so I opted for a low-poly model. I enjoyed especially doing the hand-painted texture for the fish! It was also a chance for me to do more 3D art, apart from all my 2D work with the textures -that I am more used to working with-.

I hope you enjoy it!

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