Rogue Monkeys

Last summer, I started collaborating on a small project called Rogue Monkeys. It is a casual and simple mobile game in which three monkeys collect as many fruits as possible. It was a funny statement, and I enjoyed it a lot.

The requested look-and-feel for the game was colorful, vibrant, and with a cartoon style. It should appear funny, fresh, and of course, beautiful too. I could define the art direction, so I used only Adobe Illustrator and made all the assets with vectors. With this, I knew I could get the desired look, and also, I could work faster and focus on the basic shapes.

I created two Monkey characters and their animations, the first two environments, all the items (collectibles and inventory items), and almost all UI, including the HUD, one icon, and the screens flow.

I feel satisfied with this project because I did my best to create a coherent art direction and integrate everything. And although my animating skills are modest, to say the least, I think I could solve everything quite well.

I hope the game gets published soon, and everybody can give it a try!

You can check the game in the Google Store. And also, you can see a video with the gameplay here!

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