Space Narwhal Game

In 2017, my now-husband and I were very interested in making video games for web navigators. We decided we had to make our own, since it seemed easy enough, and once we had a one-week holiday, we decided to give it a try. My husband wanted to create a game with space ships and vertical scrolling; shoot’em up-like. I wanted to create simple forms and, ideally, something with cute animals! So we reach the idea of Space Narwhal!.

In Space Narwhal, you are part of a team of narwhals that must fight to save the Earth from the attack of the creatures from outer space. With your horn, you will pierce through the enemy formations and win the battles from the oceans to the stars. Narwhals are the only ones who can destroy the evil extraterrestrial forces and bring peace to the galaxy!

I even wrote an Art document and started to work on the characters and animations. Since it needed to be very simple and small, I used Illustrator for almost everything. Also, this way, I could have better control over the downsizing of the graphics. It was a quick creation in origin, so I could have a lot of time to work on the animations. I had a great time with them!

In the end, after a week’s work, we reached just the basic concepts of our idea, although we were thrilled with the results. It was cute, easy, and fun to play with… and it looks incredible!

Want to give it a try? Enter here, and see how far we advanced in the development.

I hope you enjoy it!

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