Quest 4 Fuel Game UI

Early in-game test of sizes and interactions

Like the previous project, these images are part of the UI work I did for Demium Games and their mobile game called Quest 4 Fuel.

It was a Mad Max movie-inspired game, where you led a group of warriors in their vehicles in the fighting for more fuel in a post-apocalyptic world. It was a fascinating concept, and we counted on superb art and exceptional artists and programmers. My main goal was to create a beautiful and functional UI. Since there was already a clear art direction, I had to adapt to that style, and I oriented all the art to look like a mix between clean vectors and a handpainted style. I was very interested in using vectors like the previous one because of the cleanliness and scalability. I also wanted some innovation, so I chose to use a lot of hand-drawing, transparency, and gradients.

As in the previous game, my job was to create the mock-ups, export the assets, and implement them in Unity 3D, attending to a responsive design that could adapt to different screen sizes. I had the pleasure to work here with the incredibly gifted Daniel Caballero, who made all the stunning art for the characters and settled all the world’s ideas. Also, I could work with the outstanding Pablo Hernández, who helped with the animations and the implementation. You can check more of their work here, Daniel’s Artstation and Pablo’s website.

When I ended my collaboration with the company, they continued developing the game. I just collaborated in the early stages and enjoyed prototyping a lot (I even did some simple animations). I was very proud of the UI work, and I hope it helped make a better game in future iterations.

I hope you enjoy it!

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