Isaac 2020

I have previously posted sketches of this character, Isaac. Recently I found an old sketchbook with several drawings of him, and I could not help to draw him again!

He is a character from an old story that my husband and I submitted to a comic contest. He was a space pirate looking for a treasure while he fled from the Crown and his ex-lover, who wanted to kill him. We did not win anything, but we had a great time! More than ten years have passed, and the character and the story still attract me.

This time I wanted to update his design and make him more futuristic. I looked for some cyberpunk references, and I found them fit perfectly in what I had imagined. I wanted just a few futuristic traits since I preferred to make it simpler. I also decided to use a line-based drawing and have an unpolished colorwork to look more dynamic and work faster. The colors also have a lot of presence because I wanted to use the acid colors of the cyberpunk and contrast them with dark strokes of browns, grays, and violets.

I love this redesign! I hope you enjoy it too!

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