Goblin Princess

I make a lot of jokes about goblins because I find them funny, and I like their green skin and the ugliness of their teeth and noses. Some time ago, I was thinking about the kings of different creatures, and I imagined the princess of the goblins and what she would look like. Would she enjoy wearing those inflated pink dresses, like traditional princesses? I doubt it.

I was thinking about creating something more elaborate since I did not make any complex drawings for some time. Then, the idea of the Goblin Princess started to come to my mind. I wanted to do something challenging that I could engage in, to complete it instead of getting bored and leaving it unfinished.

My idea was to get the weariest appearance possible and to play with the beautiful contrasts between the shades of greens and pinks. I also decided not to use lines, only colors, using a more realistic technique. The scene’s illumination was also significant as it defines the main parts of the figure and gives deepness.

The complete drawing took me a month, roughly, mainly because I did not work on it every day. But it has a fair amount of work and fun in it!

I hope you enjoy it!

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