Inanis & Horo

These are some of the textures I created for the final project of Art & Visual Design in the video games master course of U-Tad.

The final project was to create a video game for mobile platforms from zero. The school set up several groups of students from different master’s courses (art, design, and code), and we had to work together, imitating actual game development. The name of our game was Inanis & Horo, and we developed it with Project Anarchy Engine. It was a beautiful opportunity for collaboration between teams, and it was an excellent experience for me.

In the art team, I made these textures for the assets with Adobe Photoshop, and later the rest of the team implemented them in Autodesk 3ds Max. We decided to use lovely and colorful handpainted textures, remembering games such as Zelda: Windwaker or Oceanhorn. It was a complete and enjoyable work because we had five different worlds with different scenery.

We had several problems with the GUI, and I needed to fix everything in the last month of the project, creating all the assets with Adobe Illustrator. I am happy with the results because everything came up quickly, and the results were lovely.

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