Food Assets

These are some samples of food I have made like assets for a video game. From right to left, the dishes are fish and chips, tacos, and bacon pancakes (the name of my website is not a coincidence! I love these!). They are all based on real pictures of some of the different food I have tried since I have been here in New York. I wanted to practice a stylized art, not excessively cartoon, with a clear line and different textures. Also, I have created them the way I usually use to work with assets in video games: neutral background, same illumination, position, size, and color palette.

It was a good practice between other works. At first, I planned to do more dishes, but in the end, I decided to go with just three of them because they took more time than I wanted, and I have more projects. I have a good time with them, hope you enjoy it!

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