Fantasy Heroes Manager Game Prototype

These images are some of the graphics I did for a mobile game prototype working for Demium Games. It was a fantasy-inspired game, and the idea behind it was that you manage a group of heroes, improve them and fight with other players. I worked in the UI of the game, together with a UX and Game Designer. He wanted to show a lot of data and info on the screens and still provide a beautiful and smooth experience, which was a challenge. I aimed to create an attractive but functional style, using vector work to create clean and scalable graphics.

My job was to create the mock-ups, export the assets, and implement them in Unity 3D, attending to a responsive design that could adapt to different screen sizes. I also enjoyed working on this project with my very talented colleague Pablo Hernández, who made some gorgeous character designs. You can check more of his work on his website.

In the end, the company discontinued the project to prioritize another one. It was fun and challenging work, and I am happy with the results; some inspiring designs are here!

I hope you enjoy it!

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