Zordox, Galactic Emperor

Maybe, some of you may have noticed here a strange animal before; a mix between fox and piggy, with wings. It is a foxgy, a creature that my husband and I conceived when we started dating. We call it zordo for fox (zorro) and piggy (cerdo) in Spanish. I love this animal so much that I put it even on my wedding merchandise!

I was thinking of creating something new with vectors and red or orange shades. And then I remember one of the stories my husband and I made some years ago about a baby foxgy called Zordox. Despite his age, he is a space conqueror (he is still a baby!), and eventually, he will become the Galactic Emperor! It is an adorable character and is very funny to make creatures with vectors, so I started immediately with Illustrator.

However, in the middle of the process, vectors became more complex than I thought. I had so many shapes and gradients to keep in mind that I started to have problems with global lighting. To fix that, when I finished the vectors, I put them on Photoshop and made the lighting there. I also added more complexity to the reflections and the shadows, creating a better blending.

I am satisfied with the drawing because I love the final colors and all the textures work. I hope you like it too!

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