Styles Tests

I decided to take a challenge, so I searched among my favorite 2D artists and then tried to imitate their art styles. And who is the best model but myself? How could these artists have designed my face and also reflect my personality? I usually don’t make self-portraits, but the idea was fun, and I have enjoyed it a lot! One of the most complex parts of the project was to catch the line and feel-and-like of the original artwork into a digital form. Some of the authors work with ink, others with pencils or watercolors… I did everything with Adobe Photoshop! Sometimes it was hard, but it was challenging and tons of fun!

For the first few days, I published the drawings without the artists’ names on several sites. This way, people could try to guess who they were. Now, everybody can see them and check out their incredible artwork.

Fun Fact: Artists come from EEUU, Canada, France, and Japan, and there are five women between them!

I hope you like them!

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