Soup Ladies

Lately, it has been a stressful time, so I wanted to draw something easy and stress-reliever. I started to draw in Photoshop with an ink-like brush, and after a few tries, the strokes began to transform into the wrinkled face of a lovely old woman with an open mouth. After that, the whole scene came quickly to my mind, so I put the soup bowl and chose the rounded form of the body. The baby was the last thing I added, thinking in the contrast of the ages and inspired by a picture of my baby nephew. Once I finished the ink, I decided to color the drawing with a watercolor appearance, creating a textured brush and imitating the technique.

I did a lot of watercolors when I was studying, and I loved the look of the dashes of color, although these watercolors were slow to create. I am thrilled that I could simulate the technique digitally, and I think it is a method I could use again in the future. It is still a little far from the real thing; still, I think I can manage.

Hope you like it too!

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