Reading girls sketches

These are a couple of sketches of girls reading casually. I wanted to draw something not very detailed but with lots of colors.

At first, I roughly wanted to draw something blue and cold. I started to do sketches in Affinity, and the first girl came quickly and naturally, with just the line. But I did not want the line this time, so I turned to Photoshop and started to work on the colors. I soon forgot about the line and defined the shapes, trying to find a cartoon-like style. I did not want the usual pretty girl! The shading was smooth and gratifying, so I decided to make another sketch. This time, I chose «warm» and «orange» as concepts, thinking that the new sketch had to oppose the previous one. So I made her read on a smartphone and put her in the same clothes, like a school uniform, to have something in common.

I think there is a story here between these two. Maybe I should investigate it?

I hope you enjoy it!

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